When it comes to board exams, students and their parents tend to develop fear and anxiety. Compared to school exams board exams are considered as the fear full period for the students. Every student wants to score well from everyone; hence there is an increased competition amongst them. Board exams are the crucial stage in every student’s life as this will decide their career. Scoring well will help them to get admission in their desired college and in their desired course.

One of the simplest ways in performing well in the boards is to refer previous years question papers. These papers have all types of questions and it’s marking schemes.

Benefits of referring it:

  • Helps us in Managing time and complete the paper in the given time.

A lot of students complain about the insufficient given time in the boar exams. Well by regular solving sample papers will help them to manage the time properly and finish their paper before time.

  • Helps you know your weak points and increase your performance.

These sample papers includes questions from all the subjects and chapters in the syllabus. By regular solving one can identify the weak subjects or chapters and can later spend more time in it to work on such points.

  • Helps Gain confidence

Most of the students fear a lot as they don’t have the experience to appear the board. They fear a lot and develop low self confidence and low self esteem. Solving sample papers is just like appearing a board exam. This will create a boost in their confidence and can come up with good score.

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