How to Become CA in India? A comprehensive guide

Learn complete details on how to become CA in India about the levels, registration, examination, duration, of the professional course CA.

One view of the CA course

  Foundation course Intermediate course Final exams
 Last date and Month of registration 30 September and 30 June 28 Feb and 31 August No last date
Examination held May and November May and November May and November
Validity of registration 3 year 4 year 5 year
Subjects 4 8 8
Fees 11300 Rs 27200/23200 rs Rs 32300
Eligibility Should appear 12th exams Should clear foundation or graduation or pg Should clear intermediate level and 3-year practical training

Introduction: How to Become CA in India

After being independent, the parliamentary of India establish regulatory body ICAI, which provided the competent platform where the professional course of accountancy is, formulated developed, and promoted throughout the world in the title of Chartered Accountant. 

The CA course was, originated in Scotland at an initial level but later on, this course was, accepted throughout the world under the different governing body, today we are going to guide you about this amazing course and how to become a CA in India after 12th or graduation.

Certified public accountant is again the popular title of equivalent value practice in the USA. Over a while, ICAI has received recognition of being the second largest organization to conduct the Accountancy Professional course.

The institute undertakes educational activities through its committee. It has 3 educational committees.

  1. Board of studies
  2. The continuing professional education committee
  3. The technical directorate

The one who takes care of your study by providing teaching and learning material through different sources like a pdf file, podcast, webcast.

Board of Studies is popularly known as BoS and is responsible for formulating and implementing policies and programmes relating to the education of students.

They provide comprehensive study material on the prescribed syllabus for students Foundation, intermediate course and final course for preparation and revision.

Scheme of Education and Training w.e.f July 2017

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India periodically reviews its scheme of Education and Training to remain in the process with development in the field of education and other changes at the international level.

The changing environment and demand of economy always give new scope to the accounting professionals. To meet such demand and equips new skills in the CA aspirants ICAI scheme of education design and implement the new course.

ICAI being a member body of the International Federation of Accountants IFAC, has to comply with the International Education Standard( IES 1- IES 8). There has been a shift from input based to “outcome-based approach.” Accordingly, the scheme of education has been designed and implemented from July first, 2017.

Significant changes under the  new scheme of education and training

  • Allowing early entry to the professional through the Foundation group for the young students having interest and accounting education
  • Allowing graduates and other qualified students to pursue this course through the direct entry route
  • Complimenting theoretical education with practical training
  • Developing technical skills through Information Technology training under ICITSS and advanced ICITSS
  • Integrate analytical ability among the students through case studies.
  • Globalizing Chartered Accountancy education through the organization of Education and Training abroad.

Entry Route to CA course

Under the scheme of Education and Training a candidate can pursue Chartered Accountancy course either through foundation course route or direct entry route.

Foundation route entry

From June 2017, ICAI has revised the old syllabus. The first level is foundation level and eligibility to enroll for this course is only after appearing 12th std exams. The schedule for the CA course according to ICAI is as follows

First level – Foundation

The first level after the 12th exam is the foundation level.

The mandatory study time between registration and appearing for the exam is 4 month, You Must Join the best CA Coaching Institute in India during this duration only

The registration dates are in December and June.

The examination,  are  held in May and November

Duration to clear foundation  Level

12th std to clearing foundation Level= 7 month

Second level – Intermediate

The second level is the Intermediate level or old IPCC level. A student can register for one group or both group, according to ICAI regulation act.

  1. For one group at a time

The mandatory study time between registration and appearing for the exam is  8 month

The registration dates are in December and June.

The exam is, held in May and November.

ICITSS training duration, a student of intermediate level have to undergo 4 weeks of an integrated course of information technology and soft skill before appearing for the second group of intermediate level

After clearing one group and undergoing ICITSS training student appear for the second group with the same time frame of the study period and registration process.

Duration  to clear the intermediate level with one group

from 12th std to– clear  Foundation level — to intermediate level— clearing groups one by one

4 month + 18 months (one group 8 month study period, so 18 month time taken to study both groups individually, and one month to undergo ICITSS ) = 24 month or 2 years.

  1. For both group

The mandatory study time between registration and appearing for the exam is  8 month

The registration dates are in December and June.

The examination is, held in May and November.

ICITSS training duration, a student of intermediate level have to undergo 4 weeks of an integrated course of information technology and soft skill before appearing for Articleship.

Duration to clear Intermediate level both group

12th to clear —– foundation to—- clear  intermediate level

7 month +12  month = 1.7 years

Third level – Articleship

Articleship the third level: It is mandatory for the student to undergo industrial training or Articleship for 3 years to become eligible for appearing in final exams. The student is allowed to take a 6-month break from training period to prepare for finals to utilize the time student register for final after completion of 2.6 years of Articleship and appear for finals.

Last month of registration for Articleship program usually ends in October.

Duration to complete Articleship

12th to clear Foundation level —- to clear intermediate level—–  to undergo  articleship training

7 month + 1 year +2.6 years= 4 years (both group)

7 month +2 years +2.6 years =5 years( single group at time)

Fourth level

Final Level – Finals

The last level or fourth level of the CA course is Finals. Students can register for the exams in any month after completing their 2.6 years of tenure in Articleship.

The examination is, held in May and November

A student can register for a single group or both group.

The student also needs to undergo 4 weeks of advanced ICITSS and Articleship if 3 years have not completed. So,

Duration to clear finals

12th std  to ——clear foundation ——-clear intermediate level —–to Articleship—- to clear Finals

7 month + 1 year +2.6 years= 4 years (both group)+ 6 month of articleship + 1 month of final preparation = 4.7 YEARS

7 month +2 years +2.6 years =5 years( single group at time)+ 6 month of articleship + 1 month of final preparation =5.7 years

The time between registration and appearing for exams is almost a year.

The other route to CA course is Direct Entry Route.

After registering for an intermediate course under Direct Entry Route in Feb or September, students take 8 month study period in preparing themselves.

During this time they need to Undergo 4-week ICITSS training and nine months Articleship training before appearing for Intermediate exams.


after registering for Intermediate group, appear for a single group or both group taking 8 month study period.

Then, they undergo AICITSS training for a month.

After clearing both groups, they undergo practical training, for 3 years and then appear for finals.

Duration to complete CA course under Direct Entry Route

Study period Intermediate + articleship +study period finals + ICITSS AICITSS training period

8 month + 3 years + 4 month +1 month +1 month = 4.2 years.

To be a CA  is a commitment for minimum of 4 years and involve a lot of hard work and practice. Though it is one of the toughest course in the world, it is possible to crack it down with persistence and devotion.

Hope you find this article useful and can accordingly plan for your future. We wish you good luck.

Keep yourself healthy and productive.

How to Pass CA Final in First Attempt

Have you just cleared the CA IPCC / Intermediate exam and are to appear in CA finals? Or you just missed your previous CA final attempt due to your lack of   In this article, we will share with you the preparation tips for CA Final Exam. Today we are busting every confusion and will guide you on how to pass CA final in first attempt.

CA Final is the last stage of CA Course, after clearing two barriers of this course i.e., CPT / CA Foundation and CA IPC / Intermediate you become qualified to appear in CA Final exams. Every subsequent stage of this course is difficult as compared to the previous level. After clearing the CA Foundation you get a dedicated study period of nine months for CA intermediate. Once you qualify both the groups of CA IPCC / Intermediate you become eligible to appear in CA  though you get an approximate gap of 2.5 to 3 years between CA IPCC/Intermediate and CA Final in this time you required to do a compulsory practical training (articleship) which is for a period of three years.So, in this span of three years you are required to manage both your studies and full time articleship training.

Hence it is advisable that you have a proper preparation strategy and you judiciously utilize your time.

Before starting with the preparation tips on how to pass CA final in first attempt, we would like to warn you that CA Final is not like other two levels of CA Course i.e., Foundation and Intermediate, it is way more difficult when compared to the other two. Students who clear both the groups of CA IPCC / Intermediate are not able to clear even a single group of CA Final in subsequent attempts. And with every attempt you fail, you tend to lose confidence in your abilities which eventually leads students to leave CA in half. So to avoid these mistakes it is better that you have proper planning and a strong determination to get through each group of this exam in the first attempt.

CA Final consists of two groups and each group consists of four subjects so there is a total of eight subjects.

Group 1 include the following four subjects

  1. Financial Reporting
  2. Strategic Financial Management
  3. Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics
  4. Corporate and Allied Laws

 Group 2 includes the following four subjects

  1. Advanced Management Accounting
  2. Information Systems Control and Audit
  3. Direct Tax laws
  4. Indirect Tax Laws
  • When it comes to CA Final preparation time management is the key, because you will have to manage your articleship and CA Final studies simultaneously and like students also join college for, you have to be very systematic in order to manage all these and make sure you do it in a way that minimizes your stress and you do not have to compromise in your CA Final studies.
  • While preparing for CA Final it is very important to get systematic guidance so that you do not waste your time doing something futile. To have that systematic guidance most of the students switch to CA Final Coaching. Taking coaching can be the right decision only when you feel you can revise what is being taught in the classes the same day and are doing your studies in a regular manner.
  • You are required to work hard as well as smart for CA Final exams because with limited time and unlimited syllabus it is better to invest your time in the portion which holds more weight age in comparison to the topics which consume a lot of your time and there is an uncertainty of being asked in the exam. So, the smartest way to figure out what is important is to look at the previous year papers and analyze questions from which portion were asked most frequently. In this manner, you will save your time from being invested in the topics which are unlikely to be asked in the exam.
  • Be very selective in making your notes. The notes you make should be short and concise so that you do not have to invest a lot of time while revising the entire course during the exam leaves.
  • The best way to revise, remember and analyze your preparation is to give mock tests. Yes, you should give as many mock tests as possible because it is these mock tests which make you exam ready. You may have read a lot and completed the entire course but unless and until you give an exam it is difficult to say what is the level of preparation. But if you think of testing this in the exam itself it will be a little daring act because there you won’t get any further chance to rectify your mistakes but mock test gives you the opportunity to test your performance and a chance to improve with every mock test you give. It even helps you maintain the writing speed which is going to play a very important part in your exam as you are required to complete the complete paper in the stipulated time.

We hope all the points mentioned above will help you prioritize your activities and will clear your confusion on how to pass CA final in first attempt. In the end, we would like to wish you good luck for your future.

How to Face Exam Challenges

When it comes to board exams, students and their parents tend to develop fear and anxiety. Compared to school exams board exams are considered as the fear full period for the students. Every student wants to score well from everyone; hence there is an increased competition amongst them. Board exams are the crucial stage in every student’s life as this will decide their career. Scoring well will help them to get admission in their desired college and in their desired course.

One of the simplest ways in performing well in the boards is to refer previous years question papers. These papers have all types of questions and it’s marking schemes.

Benefits of referring it:

  • Helps us in Managing time and complete the paper in the given time.

A lot of students complain about the insufficient given time in the boar exams. Well by regular solving sample papers will help them to manage the time properly and finish their paper before time.

  • Helps you know your weak points and increase your performance.

These sample papers includes questions from all the subjects and chapters in the syllabus. By regular solving one can identify the weak subjects or chapters and can later spend more time in it to work on such points.

  • Helps Gain confidence

Most of the students fear a lot as they don’t have the experience to appear the board. They fear a lot and develop low self confidence and low self esteem. Solving sample papers is just like appearing a board exam. This will create a boost in their confidence and can come up with good score.

6 Ways to Get High Marks in Exam

Most of us wish to guarantee good marks in the exam and do preparation accordingly, but sometimes after studying for hours we are unable to do it. There are numerous strategies that will assist you to raise your grade score in the exam.

The Following Exam Preparation Tips can assist you to get out from exam fear also and you may enhance your skills as well.

  • Time Management - You can divide the timing for questions based on their marks. You must do that.
  • Balance your writing - This is another intriguing fact or you can tell an intelligent strategy to get good marks in exam. Candidates appearing for exam must know the required content needed for particular question. Writing too lengthy answers where there's no need or completing your answers in only two lines where there's a requirement of long explanation is the silliest mistake people use to do in exams. So balance your writing by giving accurate and important points in the answers depending upon the questions.
  • Study Regularly - As all of us know this fact that regular studies will definitely result in scoring good marks. Studying one before the exam isn’t going to help you in getting high marks. Regular studies does not implies that you've to study full day continuously, but at least giving some time every day to your important subject will definitely help you in cracking your exams.
  • Use Paragraphs In Long Answers - You should write your answers in paragraph as it attracts the reader and he/she understands easily what the person is trying to explain.
  • More Focus On Presentation - Sometimes students appearing in the exam know all the answers and he/she write them, but still get less marks. The reason behind this can be lack in presenting the answers. Wherever possible draw diagrams, the tutor must get to be familiar with the whole answer from all of these diagrams. You also can highlight the important points or words by underling it.
  • Good Handwriting - Handwriting is another fact on which your marks are dependent.


How to concentrate on studies

How to concentrate on studies

Now a day’s every individual is struggling to focus for long hours on a given task. One of the most important tasks where people fail to focus on is Studying. It is very important to pass your exams with good results, so it is the time for you to know how to improve your concentration on studies.

A lot of people will agree with the statement that concentrating on studies is one of the most challenging tasks as there is a lot of distraction by many things. Building your concentration is considered as an Art, and one has to develop skills to be a master in it. You may think that it is tough, but it is not impossible. Whether you are studying for exams or working on your office projects concentration skills is developed by saying ‘NO’ to your distractions.

We have come up with certain tasks which will help you to improve your concentration skills while studying.

  • Create a Timetable

In order to cope up with your subjects one should create an everyday study plan. Make sure there is enough time for every subject and its revision. You can allot extra time to the chapters which you find it difficult. Once you develop such study time table and start to follow it you will know how much chapters you have finished and what other parts are left.

  • Start with easy subjects

Starting with subjects and chapters which are easy to understand will help you to develop you interest towards studying. Once you start with the easier topics you will develop the interest to the chapters which are difficult. As it will help you to get your concepts clear and feel confident with the harder subjects.

  • Pick a silent study environment

It is very important that the place you choose to study should be quiet and comfortable. Whether you are studying at home or at library make sure the distractions doesn’t reach you. Inform your people prior that you don’t want to get disturbed when you are studying.

  • Study without stress

Stress is considered as one of the biggest hurdle in developing concentration and focus. If one is suffering from stress and tension they should try the relaxation exercise like Meditation, Deep breathing and Yoga before studying.

  • Clearing the Mess

Messy rooms and study tables create distractions and keep you away from studying. Take some time organizing these things according to the study plan, hence you can spend the rest of the hours doing something productive.

  • Sleep and Eat Well

One of the most important factors in increasing concentration is to get sufficient hours of sleep and a healthy diet. Tired body and empty stomach will not allow focusing on studies and eventually you will get bored.

Humans are blessed with the instinct of concentration. It depends upon them if they want to use this gift or ignore and start giving excuses for everything.

Hope you follow the given tasks and increase your concentration power as studying is not as difficult as people think it is.