Most of us wish to guarantee good marks in the exam and do preparation accordingly, but sometimes after studying for hours we are unable to do it. There are numerous strategies that will assist you to raise your grade score in the exam.

The Following Exam Preparation Tips can assist you to get out from exam fear also and you may enhance your skills as well.

  • Time Management - You can divide the timing for questions based on their marks. You must do that.
  • Balance your writing - This is another intriguing fact or you can tell an intelligent strategy to get good marks in exam. Candidates appearing for exam must know the required content needed for particular question. Writing too lengthy answers where there's no need or completing your answers in only two lines where there's a requirement of long explanation is the silliest mistake people use to do in exams. So balance your writing by giving accurate and important points in the answers depending upon the questions.
  • Study Regularly - As all of us know this fact that regular studies will definitely result in scoring good marks. Studying one before the exam isn’t going to help you in getting high marks. Regular studies does not implies that you've to study full day continuously, but at least giving some time every day to your important subject will definitely help you in cracking your exams.
  • Use Paragraphs In Long Answers - You should write your answers in paragraph as it attracts the reader and he/she understands easily what the person is trying to explain.
  • More Focus On Presentation - Sometimes students appearing in the exam know all the answers and he/she write them, but still get less marks. The reason behind this can be lack in presenting the answers. Wherever possible draw diagrams, the tutor must get to be familiar with the whole answer from all of these diagrams. You also can highlight the important points or words by underling it.
  • Good Handwriting - Handwriting is another fact on which your marks are dependent.


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